Arms now empty will be filled, and hearts now hurting from broken dreams and yearning will be healed.

Due to a recent failed adoption our hearts have been hurt and our spirits have been down.  We didn't see this coming and that is what made it all the worse.  We thought we were adopting this baby girl, we talked about her daily, we were getting ready for her and in one phone call, days before we were suppose to have a new baby girl, it was all over.  I hurt, my husband hurts and worse of all it hurt my children.  You start to question why and how this could happen to us. Due to this failed adoption it has also set us back even further from adopting again anytime soon. We lost a lot of money we will never see again. And adoptions cost a lot of money.

Each day is a struggle for me to stay positive and have Faith. I accidentally found this talk by President Boyd K. Packer and it was just what I needed to read. I am sure it was meant for me to find. I also made this print to look at and help me stay strong and hopeful at this time.

Read talk here:

Download 8x10 print here: https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8310/29760951811_cabc061885_b_d.jpg


  1. Tami, I found your blog by seeing some of your incredibly beautiful quotes from general conference. Thank you for sharing this talk. May you continue to find strength and comfort in the loves that surrounds you. HUGS to you and your sweet family. Thank you for all of the quotes!

  2. Tami - We struggle with infertility for 12 years, tried IVF twice, which costs $10,000 each time. Both attempts failed, we were devastated, to add to it I got really sick both time, I was hospitalized the first time for 5 days. I didn't know heartache like that existed, you would think the 2nd failure was easier or expected but it wasn't. I couldn't understand why Heavenly Father wouldn't bless us after everything we had been through and trying so hard to be righteous, faithful and optimist for so many years.
    Then we decided to adopt, but because of hearing experiences similar to yours, we choice foster care adoption. We were blessed with a 4 year old boy and I was FINALLY a mother, he is everything to us, we are so blessed and SO grateful. Adopting an older child that has already had so many trials is difficult, but I think I'm a better mom than I would have had him since birth.
    Looking back with some perceptive, the memories are still difficult to recall, but I can see now how much I learned, things I may have not learned any other way. The biggest thing I learned is that the Atonement is not just for repenting, but Christ also took upon our burdens and our heartaches. After the failed IVF attempts my faith and hope were weak, I gave that burden to the Lord and he carried it. I don't how it is done but I can testify that my load was lightened and through all of it I still had joy and my hope returned.
    I hope my experience helps, it takes time to heal from this kind of pain. My prayers are with you.