Back to school Freebie - Lunch Notes Printable

My son is now in 2nd grade and a week after school started my son was starting to get a little down about going to school each day.  After having some sit down talks with him I think he is feeling better and I hope he can push through his little situation. One night I was making his lunch for the next day and I pictured him eating his lunch perhaps feeling sad and wanting to be home, so I decide to hide a note in his lunch box.  I grabbed a sticky note and wrote a quick note.  That day he came home from school with a huge smile, holding his note in his hand saying "Mom, I found your note!"  It was so simple but it meant so much to him. I decided right then I would do this more often. I know pre-made notes existed online so I thought I would go online and print me some. As I looked, I wasn't in love with any and some of the cuter ones cost money. So I thought.... I will make my own and then offer them to you guys.  My daughter doesn't eat lunch at school yet (she's in Kindergarten) but I still made girl ones to have and share.  I hope your kids love this as much as my son did!

Lunch Notes Printable: These are saved as an 8.5" x 11'', which is the size of a regular piece of printing paper. After cutting them out you can also write your own personal note on the back. :)




Bless our home - Freebie

I recently moved into a new home and have been so busy moving and unpacking. This move is bitter sweet for me and at times I feel overwhelmed with everything that comes along with moving.Today I was trying to let the stress go and count my blessings. I decided to sit down and make a home themed freebie.

These were made at 11x14

My favorite home quote is one I have posted before
if you haven't got this one before you can find it here