Christmas Freebie - O come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord

Merry Christmas everyone!! Here is your Christmas Freebie....

Print is a 16x20 but it can also be printed as an 8x10

Download here https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7513/15907183356_bb522eb929_b_d.jpg


Chili Cook-off Scorecard

I was asked to make a Chili Cook-off Scorecard for my ward so I decided to share it with others since this is the season of Chili Cook offs.

Print it off as a 4x6

Download here:https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5597/15452545998_c004a4d3fc_b_d.jpg


2015 Primary theme Freebies "I know my Savior Lives"

 Here is some free printables for the 2015 Primary Theme, "I know my Savior Lives"

 Prints are 5x7's
 DOWNLOAD HERE: https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5590/15243783252_b25a0aa34b_b_d.jpg

 DOWNLOAD HERE:  https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5553/15241082211_e7939f7a15_b_d.jpg

DOWNLOAD HERE: https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3915/15244146462_d6ebb70ee0_b_d.jpg

Christ clipart credited to Susan Fitch.  Find her cute clipart here http://susanfitchdesign.blogspot.com/

 8x10 prints
These prints are 8x10's but can be printed as a 16x20 if you want a poster size
DOWNLOAD HERE: https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3902/15243906372_839a5f2aa7_b_d.jpg

 DOWNLOAD HERE:  https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3900/15057591479_406f95b50d_b_d.jpg

  DOWNLOAD HERE: https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5577/15057901927_880022e6ea_b_d.jpg

Christ clipart credited to Susan Fitch.  Find her cute clipart here http://susanfitchdesign.blogspot.com/

Bookmarks: Print them as a 4x6, cut in half and you have 2 bookmarks. I even left room on the top if you want to punch a hole and tie a ribbon through the top. If you print them from home it's best to print them on Card stock paper.

DOWNLOAD HERE:  https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5578/15221163406_e71806fc48_b_d.jpg

DOWNLOAD HERE:  https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3877/15057606048_7ea35384f7_b_d.jpg

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Meet Heather Von St. James 

 She writes...Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with mesothelioma: a preventable disease that takes so many innocent lives. I was given 15 months to live just shortly after giving birth to my only daughter, Lily. After undergoing a life saving surgery, which required the removal of my left lung, I beat the odds and I am still here eight years later. Now I am thriving more than ever! In honor of the 10th annual Mesothelioma Awareness Day (September 26), I am using my personal story to help raise awareness of mesothelioma. 

Here is a link to her blog if you would like to check out her story

So this blog post is dedicate to her in honor of this day by sharing some eye opening facts about the disease, it could possibly save a life! And I also provided a free printable of her favorite quote.

Print is an 8x10
Download here :  https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3916/15228500176_ddb910ef47_b_d.jpg

 Find more info here: mesothelioma.com


Free Tithing Bookmark Printable

As I was preparing my primary lesson about tithing I found this poem.

What is tithing?
I will tell you every time.
Ten cents from a dollar
And a penny from a dime.

I wanted to share it with my primary kids and thought a bookmark would be best so they can keep it in their scriptures as a reminder. I also found a cute lesson on tithing for FHE that I want to use soon with my own kids. (I posted the lesson below) So this bookmark will work out great for them too. If you would like to print these bookmarks too, here is the instructions...

 Bookmarks: Print them as a 4x6, cut in half and you have 2 bookmarks. I even left room on the top if you want to punch a hole and tie a ribbon through the top. If you print them from home it's best to print them on Card stock paper.

DOWNLOAD HERE:  https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5573/15043380300_c729f72f8e_b_d.jpg

FHE Lesson: http://ptskjohnson.blogspot.com/2012/06/tithing-family-home-evening-parable-of.html?m=1


The Three bears of baptism - Free tags!

I recently just heard about the "The Three bears of baptism"  which is from Mosiah 18:8-10. These bears remind us of the covenants we make with our Heavenly Father when we are baptized.  I thought it would be fun to make some tags for baptism gifts or goodie bags. 

Tags: You can use them to make a card or tag. Print the 3 tags (on one page) on a regular size piece of paper (8.5"x11".)

Fun Baptism gift ideas....
Tie the tag to a Teddy Bear.
Put the tag with a Build-A-Bear gift card.
Attach the tag to a bag of cinnamon bears or gummy bears.
Any treat/toy bear themed would be cute and fun. 

DOWNLOAD HERE: https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3851/14965864605_045d2af40f_b_d.jpg

Bag Toppers:  Print as a 4x6. Fold it over any bag to make it a topper.
Would look perfect with a bag of cinnamon bears or gummy bears.

 DOWNLOAD HERE: https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3884/14779182269_1e554cb667_b_d.jpg

I also found this on Sugardoodle.net.  It explains the 3 bears if you wanted a story to go with it... http://www.sugardoodle.net/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=451:the-three-bears-&catid=507


Choose your friends with caution.... Free Print

With kids going back to school and making new friends I thought this quote was a great reminder for them. 

“Choose your friends with caution; plan your future with purpose; and frame your life with faith.” ― Thomas S. Monson
Download Here:  https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3876/14671206016_a7c1b827a6_b_d.jpg

Download Here:  https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3921/14691042721_6492b7a80e_b_d.jpg


Be The Mom You Want Them To Remeber

 I read this quote somewhere and I loved it.  Since the day I became a mom I have thought of this and think of this often, I just never thought to make a print of it until now.  Raising kids is hard but so rewarding. Being a mom is the biggest blessing of my life. I really want to be the best mom I can be. I adopted these kids to give them everything they needed and I want to keep my promise. There are times I know I don't handle each situation perfectly but I am trying.  My favorite moments are the times when out of the blue one of my kids will just approach me and tell me they love me, or give me a big hug and kiss, or express how gratful they are for something I did for them....these moments make my heart melt. And it makes me so proud to be their mom.

I plan on printing one of these to hang in my bathroom or bedroom as a reminder....Enjoy!

print is a 16x20 but can also be printed as an 8x10
Download Here:  http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3692/13311637694_d196bae669_o_d.jpg

 Download Here: http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3820/13302280014_5d3694a2b9_o_d.jpg

 Download Here: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7184/13302049163_f93caa427c_o_d.jpg

 Download Here: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7229/13301922475_7917cb1856_o_d.jpg

Update!  As requested...Be the Parent...
 Download here:  https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3828/13346823923_80122f22a7_o_d.jpg


Free Easter Print - D&C 76:22

This is a print I made for Easter years ago. It's still a print a lot of people like but I felt it was outdated. So I gave the original a fresh look (updated some fonts) and added a few more different layouts of this scripture with more popular looks.

 These were made as 8x10's but you can also print them as 16x20's
Download Here: http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5501/12756503544_5ed3b67474_o_d.jpg

 Download Here: http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3725/12756209313_5f2c9fd1e5_o_d.jpg

Download Here: http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3700/12756083765_0897284e44_o_d.jpg


Valentine Pencil Toppers - Free Printable

Every year for Valentines day I take pictures of my kids and make cards for them to pass out. Well, my oldest is in 3rd grade and I wasn't sure if he was getting too old for that. So I wanted to think of something new, cheap and fun.  I decided on Valentine pencil toppers. My kids love a new and fun pencil so I thought other kids would too.
I made 2 sheets. The 1st sheet is full of cute and fun Valentine sayings with clipart. Each square is different. I tried to make a good variety for boys and girls. And there is plenty of room for them to write their name on the back.

The 2nd sheet is the same in each square.  It's just a cute little saying that is perfect for a Valentine on a Pencil. Next to the heart your child can write their name.

 And to make them stay on the pencil I simply used clear tape and it held them in place great.

Toppers work best printed on Cardstock paper