Free Tithing Bookmark Printable

As I was preparing my primary lesson about tithing I found this poem.

What is tithing?
I will tell you every time.
Ten cents from a dollar
And a penny from a dime.

I wanted to share it with my primary kids and thought a bookmark would be best so they can keep it in their scriptures as a reminder. I also found a cute lesson on tithing for FHE that I want to use soon with my own kids. (I posted the lesson below) So this bookmark will work out great for them too. If you would like to print these bookmarks too, here is the instructions...

 Bookmarks: Print them as a 4x6, cut in half and you have 2 bookmarks. I even left room on the top if you want to punch a hole and tie a ribbon through the top. If you print them from home it's best to print them on Card stock paper.

DOWNLOAD HERE:  https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5573/15043380300_c729f72f8e_b_d.jpg

FHE Lesson: http://ptskjohnson.blogspot.com/2012/06/tithing-family-home-evening-parable-of.html?m=1

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