Selling LipSense to raise money for our next adoption

 Friends....Please take a minute to read this and why I am doing this.

After our failed adoption in September my heart was so broke. Each day is a little better but I have my good days and bad days. There are many reasons why the whole thing hurt us and one being all the money we lost. Not only is losing money hard on anyone but the money we lost set us back from adopting again and moving on. And it upsets me even more that we have been offered another adoption situation (baby boy being born in Dec) that we have to turn down because of our money lost. I spent many days and nights praying to my Heavenly Father for guidance. I know we are meant to have another child in our home but how are we supposed to make it happen now? I thought about a fundraiser and working for it. I didn't want to set up a gofundme or anything. Aaron's cousin reached out to me and told me about Lipsense. As she was filling me in on their awesome products and how I can earn money I felt my prayers were being answered. I started to wear their awesome lipstick and knew this stuff was legit. I'm not a salesman at all. So this is a little scary for me but people who know lipstick and love to wear it will KNOW this stuff rocks. I actually stopped wearing lipstick years ago because I was always scared it would be all over my face and teeth. With LipSense I don't worry about that at all now. And I forgot how fun it was to put on lipstick and play with the colors.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to see where this new adventure takes me and my family.

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Pictures of me wearing the LipSense

 Color: Bombshell (Jennifer Aniston's favorite color and mine too)

You can layer your colors for a different look.  Colors: First Love and Persimmon

Lips- Bombshell, Bella, Bombshell topped with Glossy Gloss. 
Eye shadow- Pink Opal Shimmer ShadowSense

Color: Persimmon

My daughter loves LipSense too!

Video of me showing you the color doesn't budge, smear or wipe off!   Color is Bella

Please follow my Facebook page to learn more!  Follow here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1806735349598938/?ref=bookmarks
LipSense is an amazing lip product that you can wear for up to 18 hours without it rubbing off or smudging! You can eat with it, drink with it, kiss with it, and it won’t budge! When I first tried it, Best of all…IT REALLY WORKS! 

To start out with LipSense, you need to purchase a starter kit, which comes with a color, a gloss, and the oops removal. All three of these items are essential for making the color last all day, and for your lips to stay hydrated! Once you’ve boughten the kit, you can just get individual colors and glosses as you build your collection!